Field Reps

Our full-time personnel are called Field Reps.  They are young adults and families like you who live & serve as a team among unreached people groups.

Two-thirds of our world have little to no access to the Gospel.  That’s 4.5B people who will never hear about the hope of Christ unless someone like you chooses to rearrange their life to intentionally penetrate those people groups with the Gospel of Jesus Christ.


So, we aim to do just that by training & launching college students, young adults, married couples, and families who will live immersed as a team among these people groups, identifying people of peace, gathering them around the Word of God in Discovery Bible Studies where sharing Christ & making disciples can happen.   As people come to faith in Jesus, new believers are baptized, new leaders are trained, and new churches are born with the DNA to replicate & multiply this process throughout their own people group.

If God is calling you to serve full-time cross-culturally, then now is your time!  For half the cost of most organizations, you can serve full-time with us.

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Similar to 90% of all missionaries around the world from a variety of missions organizations, as a Field Rep you will need to raise 100% of your support to cover all your budget, which will include living expenses, travel, ministry, and monthly admin fee.

Once you apply and are accepted as a Field Rep, you will need to read a book called “The God Ask” by Steve Shadrach.  If you read this book and do what it says, you’ll have no problem getting fully funded to begin your missions journey with us.  Once accepted, you will also be entered into our online donation system where you can begin sending your donors to give toward your ministry right away.  As a 501(c) non-profit organization, all donations are tax-deductible according to current IRS law for all your donors.

Depending on whether you are single, married, or have a family, you will need to determine your budget, and begin raising funds.  No one is allowed to begin their ministry with us until they are fully funded, which means having enough monthly recurring donations coming in to support your pre-aproved budget.  This insures you will have laser focus on building your support team around you as soon as possible without the frustration of trying to do ministry and fundraise simultaneously.

Here are some average recommended monthly amounts to raise.  Based on your situation and the location you will serve overseas, these amounts can be adjusted to cover all your needs and the cost of living in that location.

  • Singles – $2500/mo – $3500/mo
  • Married Couples – $3,000/mo – $8,000/mo
  • Families – $4000/mo – 9,000/mo


Organizations require funding to operate.  We’ve chosen to keep our funding structure simple and cheaper than most.  Everyone raises their own support, while contributing a small monthly admin fee to cover the administrative costs of facilitating your ministry.  Here’s what our admin fee covers:
    • $2M Global Liability Insurance policy protecting you and anyone who represents us, in the following ways:
      • All property and auto vehicles/rental vehicles are covered from theft or accident.
      • You are covered from frivolous lawsuits globally
      • You are protected from sexual harassment accusations that result in a lawsuit
      • You have 24/7 emergency evacuation and abduction response team coverage
      • Covers lost luggage/passports
      • Repatriation of mortal remains in case of death
    • $1M Healthcare Insurance Policy while overseas (after being launched)
      • 24/7 healthcare policy that covers all healthcare, accidents, hospitalization , major medical and routine care for you and your family.  
      • This also covers you for up to 4 months of stateside assignment while visiting the US.  
      • No required networks or doctors.  You can go to whoever and wherever you like and just get the care you need & are reimbursed.  Each person/family will receive an insurance card.
    • Admin & Financial Support
      • Support Staff (media, finance, treks coordinator)
      • Online donation system management
      • A private donation panel for both personnel & donors for viewing real-time donations/donor info/printing reports
      • CPA fees
      • Web hosting & maintenance fees, ongoing software subscriptions
      • Monthly accounting and personnel reporting, direct deposit payroll, end of year tax statements for all personnel
      • Contribution statements for donors
      • IRS Filings
      • End of year financial audit
    • Member Care
      • Ongoing monthly oversight and regular check-ins with your HUB Area Director/Team Pastor
      • 24/7 member care and counseling through the Babb Center (21 licensed professional counselors)
        • Pre-field readiness assessments
        • Pre-launch counseling prior to launching overseas
        • Marriage counseling
        • Crisis counseling
        • Post-field debrief sessions
      • Annual or Bi-Annual conference of all our missionaries (we’re working toward this someday soon)
    • Training & Meetings
      • Food, coffee, snacks at weekly training times
      • Team retreats or mission trips
      • Training supplies and/or books we read
    • NOTES
      • The monthly admin fee is $350 for singles, and we reduce that for couples to $500/mo instead of charging both adults $350.
      • We encourage you to investigate other organizations to see how we compare.  We think you’ll discover that our admin fee is considerably lower and covers quite a bit to reduce your burden of serving.  Most organizations charge a percentage of what you raise, which increases as your income increases.  We’ve chosen to flat rate our admin fee to minimize the burden on you.



3 Year Terms

1 year in a US HUB / 2 years overseas / Renewable 3-year terms

Your Area Director has the authority to extend your US training time on a case by case basis as needed. (marriage, college, etc)

Trek-X Training Plan


Our Missions Training HUBs

Every Field Rep begins their training in a US Training HUB. 

We are a TRAINING and LAUNCHING organization with HUBs in Nashville, Dallas, and soon to be St. Louis.  These training Hubs are located among the refugee/immigrant populations in each city which comprise hundreds of language groups from the 10/40 window.  These ethnically dense & religiously diverse areas not only need the Gospel, but they are ideal cross-cultural locations to train and learn best ministry practices in preparation for living overseas.

Each Hub is also led by veteran missions leaders who will use their expertise and experience in international church planting to train you and your team in missional living and disciple-making that results in church planting.  As a part of your training, you will learn how to identify people of peace, gather them around the Word, share Christ, make disciples, and train leaders to plant the church in any setting.  Both Field Reps and Gap Year students train & launch from our US HUBs.

After your training in a US HUB, you are then launched to an overseas location and placed on a church planting team with IMB or TEAM personnel.

Click on a location below to learn more about that Training HUB.