The jobs listed below are the primary positions that run throughout our organization in every location.  If God is calling you to the nations and you desire to serve with us in one of these capacities, simply apply online or contact our staff HERE for further discussion.  We’d love the opportunity to chat with you about God’s direction in your life.  You should know that everyone at Trek-X raises 100% of their support, so you must be willing to learn that discipline and raise your support for any of these positions as well.  However, we can train you how to do that.  Remember, if it’s God’s will, it’s God’s bill.  He always funds His kingdom work.



(ADs) are the head coaches and primary overseers/trainers of the entire Training HUB in each city.  They lead their team of Field Reps and Gap Year participants to share Christ and make disciples among the unreached.  All ADs are required to have served overseas for 4 or more years full-time and live immersed with your team inside of the ministry area of your HUB.  They need to be strong, proven, seasoned leaders with impeccable character, a passion for global missions, a burden for the nations, the heart of a head coach, and excellent people skills.  For now, all our ADs raise 100% of their support like the rest of their team.  We hope to offset that with base level funding in the near future.  We need ADs who are called to launch new locations in cities where there are refugee/immigrant populations representative of  unreached people groups.  Atlanta, Denver, and Los Angeles are on our short list of “next” cities to place a HUB if God opens the door.  If interested in serving with us in this capacity, please contact us or apply online.


Each of our training HUBs has a Team Pastor who serves on the senior staff for that HUB.  They assist their Area Director in the leadership of that HUB, while pastoring each member on the team.  They meet bi-monthly with each person in the HUB for soul care, accountability, coaching & encouragement, and personal development.  The Team Pastor enables the Area Director to focus on training & strategy, while the pastor focus on the pastoral care of each person being trained. If interested in serving with us in this capacity, please contact us or apply online.


Field Reps are our full-time, career missions personnel who live immersed among unreached people groups (UPGs) in their city, serving under the leadership of their Area Director.  They not only strive to share Christ and make disciples, but they help model cross-cultural missional living for the younger Gappers on their team.  Field Reps must be high school graduates, 20+ years of age, single or married, and willing to raise 100% of their support.  If interested in serving with us in this capacity, please contact us or apply online.



Summer interns are college students and young adults who want to spend the summer out of country, helping us lead our short & mid-term group treks.  Most of the groups you will lead are comprised of middle & high school students who are serving alongside our church planters in various regions of the world.  For $1500, you can spend the entire summer out of country serving, leading, and sharing the Gospel cross-culturally.  (The $1500 covers roundtrip airfare, insurance, and all in-country expenses, minus souvenirs or personal spending)  If interested in serving with us in this capacity, please contact us or apply online.


We are looking for full-time development and fundraising trainers.  Each development person will be responsible for raising support for Trek-X as an organization, while providing regular training, coaching, and accountability for all our personnel.  They will also train the local staff in our US HUBs to plan and coordinate an annual fundraising dinner & celebration for their location.  In addition, they will manage our overall donor base, and will create short online training videos for all our new and in-house personnel, so all can be effectively trained or refreshed to raise their support.  If interested in serving with us in this capacity, please contact us or apply online.


The Launch Network is a collaboration of missional churches and businesses who financially support us and our mission.  We want churches to understand that THEY are the missions sending agencies, not organizations or para-church ministries, and every church should be a breeding ground for great commission believers who want to take the Gospel to the nations.  Each church or business also benefits from a pipeline of missions experiences and immersive cross-culturally opportunities that we offer at a discount to all age groups in their congregation or business.

The LN Recruiter is responsible for recruiting churches or businesses to join the network through monthly support which enables us to put missions Training HUBs in key cities across the US.  They also personally nurture those relationships throughout the year.  Recruiting churches & businesses allows us to provide scholarships, provide team ministry supplies, cover the cost of support-raising training & development, and launch new locations.  The Launch Network Recruiter serves on the Trek-X development team.

Apply today if you are high energy, built for relationships, passionate about missions, understand church or business culture, and want to be a part of launching a generation of Gospel-centered church planters to the nations.  If interested in serving with us in this capacity, please contact us or apply online.