Check out our new name…Trek-X

Mobilizing Students has a NEW name…TREK-X.

In 2001, when Mobilizing Students was formed, our calling & passion was to provide a platform for middle & high school students to journey with Christ by launching them to the nations with the Gospel on mission trips.

17 years later, with thousands of students mobilized, we are still focused on moving students toward the nations on a journey with Christ, but that journey has come to involve more than just students.  It now involves college students, young adults, couples, and families…all of which God is calling to take the Gospel to the nations.  And that is something we are super excited about!

What started with just students, has evolved into a full-blown missions training pipeline from the local church to the nations!  We LOVE LOVE LOVE students, and that will always be a forte’ of ours, but we are responding to the need to expand the platform, the pathway, the missions pipeline, and include college students, young adults, couples, and families in order to accelerate our ultimate vision…”to trek, train, and launch missional believers who share Christ & make disciples among the unreached.”

So we need a broader banner to operate under.  That’s why WE’RE RENAMING OUR MINISTRY TO…TREK-X.  Trek means journey, and X is the Greek letter in the New Testament for Christ, so Trek-X is a “journey with Christ” to fulfill His Great Commission.  We can all operate under that name with great passion, while empowering the local church to launch it’s own cross-cultural missionaries.


Chris White

Chris White

President of Trek-X.

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