Introducing The New “Trek-X Gap Year”

Check out our new GAP YEAR!

In the past, we’ve provided a 4-year journey for college students called Trek-X.  It was a way for college students to do missions full-time, while getting their bachelor’s degree online at the same time.  All while being trained by veteran missions leaders who’ve lived overseas as church planters.  They would spend 2 years in a US training HUB and 2 years overseas.

Well, we still kinda provide that, but now it comes in the form of a 10-month “Gap Year” experience, combined with our premium 3-year journey as a Field Rep.  This way, 18-20 year olds aren’t having to make a 4-year commitment up front at a time when they’re so unsure about what God wants them to do with their lives.  We all struggle with that early on, right?

Our new GAP YEAR gives each participant 4-months of hands-on, immersive field training in our Dallas Training HUB among the refugee/immigrant community from the 10/40 window.  Living and serving as a team in this diverse community under the leadership of your Area Directors will provide an unparalleled, cross-cultural training experience that expedites your ability to serve abroad.  Then you are launched overseas from January to June to serve alongside one of our partnering IMB or TEAM church planters for an amazing six months that will change your life forever!

This 10-month Gap Year gives you time to discern what God is telling you to do with your life, while accelerating your ability to adapt to new environments, share the Gospel in any setting, work on a team, develop a biblical worldview, mature in your faith, and wrestle through your calling.  And get this… you can do all of that while working on your bachelor’s degree if you want.  Based on the university you choose to attend online (top 100 online universities), you can most likely gain elective college credit for the six months of overseas cross-cultural service as well.  Check with your admissions office.

So…if you want to explore missions while doing your first year of college online, or you’re not sure what to do beyond high school, or you need a break from school before/after college, or maybe you want to dip your feet into the missions world and explore your call to the nations, then the Trek-X Gap Year might be something you should consider!  Check it out!  We’d love to chat with you about starting your Gap Year this next Fall!

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Chris White

Chris White

President of Trek-X.

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